Decompression Therapy

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Our Triton DTS Decompression Therapy is the non-surgical answer for disc related syndromes of the lumbar or cervical spine. The DTS System utilizes the most sophisticated equipment to gently distract the spine to allow the natural healing processes to begin. The gentle distractive force creates decompression of the spinal discs. This floods them with nutrients that only this type of pull pattern can achieve. Our practice is committed to researching the best and latest therapies available. We are always searching for new ways to effectively treat our patients. We are pleased to provide you with this revolutionary therapy. Call today to schedule an evaluation to determine if you're a candidate for treatment.

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This system treats disc problems and other related health conditions, such as:

*Disc Bulges

*Disc Herniations

*Disc Ruptures

*Disc Degeneration


*Failed Back Surgery

We make this treatment affordable to everyone, so don't delay getting help for your conditions.